Elementary Religious Education/Family Catechesis

This year’s St. Bernadette Parish Elementary Religious Education (RE) program is open to all Parish students grades Kindergarten through 5th. Our RE program is designed to offer children and their parents an opportunity to develop a strong Catholic family where children learn the truths of the Catholic faith and ways to deepen their relationship with Jesus in a supportive faith-filled and prayerful environment.

Against the backdrop of salvation history and grounded in Catholic doctrine, students will learn about the Sacraments, morality, social teaching, and the Church’s life and mission. Our program is augmented with opportunities for interactive learning including videos, games, discussion questions, reflections, family activity sheets and online links to information and support materials that can be used by catechists and parents.

Program Requirements

  • Parent will be registered members of St. Bernadette Parish.
  • Families will attend Sunday (Saturday Vigil) Mass each weekend.
  • Parents will attend monthly family/parent formation meetings from January - May.
  • Parents will ensure that children attend class on a regular basis.
  • Parents will drop off and pick up children on time and in a manner that is respectful of the other children, catechists and classroom aides.

Sacramental Preparation

  • All children being considered for the Sacraments of First Reconciliation, Confirmation and/or First Eucharist will have completed at least one year of catechetical instruction prior to entering the Sacramental Preparation process.
  • Children eligible for First Reconciliation will participate in the Sacrament specific sessions prior to the reception of the Sacrament.
  • Children eligible to receive the Sacraments of Confirmation and/or First Eucharist will participate in the Sacramental Preparation process.
  • Children preparing to receive Sacraments will participate in an end of year parent/student meeting in order to determine if the child has an adequate understanding of the Sacrament and gives their free response to accepting the grace of the Sacrament.
  • Families are expected to participate in Family Formation meetings once a month from January - May

This year we will continue our Family Catechetical approach to the Religious Education program where the entire family is formed. Sacramental Preparation classes will be offered on Sunday mornings between Masses, and General RE Classes will be on Wednesday evenings. Starting in November we will begin monthly Family Formation meetings where the entire family is encouraged to attend and participate. Final preparations and the reception of Sacraments will be in May.

On behalf of the staff and members of the St. Bernadette Catholic Parish, we wish to thank you for choosing our parish for the ongoing formation process for you and your children. As always, we look forward to sharing with you an exciting faith-filled journey towards a deep and personal relationship with Christ and His Church.

Patrick Klein

Director of Family Catechesis & Evangelization

  • 480.905.0221


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