Saint Bernadette Catholic Church


Many Parts, One Body

Since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us then exercise them… Romans 12: 6

The practice of sharing our Time, Talent and Treasure is a heartfelt response in gratitude to God for all that He has freely given us. This practice is also known as STEWARDSHIP.


Our parish has been welcoming people from all backgrounds for over 15 years. As a St. Bernadette member, you will find many opportunities to learn, grow, give, and celebrate. Whether you want to be on a board or council, serve the hungry and downtrodden or serve in a silent way…we have many opportunities to return our gifts to Lord who has given us so much.

For more information on ways to get involved with outreach programs for the community as well as parish oriented groups please read the Parish Ministries guide and let us know your areas of interest.  Remember, many hands are needed and always welcome.

Click here for a list of Organizations & Ministries within our Parish.


Each day we strive to further the mission of St. Bernadette Catholic Church by ministering to all age levels, reaching out to the poor, hungry, lonesome. We are making disciples of Christ with those we encounter and welcoming others back to the Church and into the unconditional love of God the Father. Through the 45+different ministries and organizations that exist within our parish, we are helping to make a difference in our own neighborhoods, diocese and beyond. And soon we will dedicate a beautiful new Church building that will bring many to know God more fully.

Your support is needed now more than ever. Please help us do more, reach further and effect more change by making a year-end donation to St. Bernadette. Donations are tax deductible and can be made by calling the parish office at 480-905-0221 or on-line safely and securely by clicking the PayPal button below. No gift is too big or too small and will be recognized with a letter of thanks and receipt for your taxes.

Thank you and may God bless you.

Our New Church Project

Construction of the permanent church building is well underway with an expected completion in the Spring of 2016. We are looking forward to…

  • The church seating about 800 followers of Christ.
  • Each Wednesday Mass with more than 600 students who are attending our parish school, St. John XXIII, along with their families and the faculty and staff.
  • A cry room – which will reduce the noise level at our Masses, and which will greatly reduce the stress level of moms and dads should their children start to cry.
  • A beautiful choir loft.
  • The pews will be padded!
  • Additional room will be available in the hall for more religious education classrooms, clubs and organizational meeting.
  • We will have a permanent and larger Adoration Chapel.

These few things and many others will make our Eucharistic celebrations and community even more meaningful and rich.

The impact of the new church goes beyond the obvious and that which we can see. A new church will touch all of our lives and we will grow and become a closer community in every way.

The time is now for our new church.  We invite you to join us on our journey!  Your prayers and support are needed and appreciated.

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Prayer for Our New Church

          Loving Father, we Your servants, in thanksgiving to You, desire in our hearts to build You a house as an offing of praise and a testimony of our faith in You.  If it be Your will, deign to make us worthy to build an exalted house for You, where Your children may bring You fitting worship. May it be a House of Prayer for our parish family. May it be a place where sinners repent, where faith increases and grace flows. Direct our hearts away from sin so that our offering to You may be acceptable. May our new Church be a sign of the heavenly Jerusalem where the Lamb who was slain is offered constantly as the one true worship. Amen.